International Bath Corporation is a young company, but it has roots that make it a "pioneer" in the acrylic whirlpool industry. Our history dates back to 1979, when Watkins Marble began manufacturing cultured marble products in the Atlanta area. With this company, the seeds were planted for what today is a mult-million dollar manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs.

The management of Watkins Marble officially formed the acrylic bathtub division in 1984, and in 1987, spun off that division into a separate and independently owned company to manufacture acrylic bathtubs and whirlpools……American Bath Group.

In 1989, Watkins Marble was sold to an investment group. The former management of Watkins Marble formed WB Holding Company, Inc. in 1992 and joined with management of American Acrylic of Georgia to further strengthen its role in the acrylic bathtub marketplace and distribution of whirlpool systems. For the past two years we have been making several changes to market our products under the BOUVET Series of whirlpools manufactured by International Bath Corporation.

Our goal is to make quality and service a standard part of every product we produce or sell. Providing quality products is a never-ending improvement with our customers to ensure that every order we fill either meets or exceeds mutually agreed upon customer requirements.

In order to meet our obligations to our customers, suppliers, employees, and owners, we continually improve the reliability, uniformity and quality of our resources, products and services. While doing so, we constantly strive to exceed customer expectations with innovative new products. This is very evident with the installation of the latest technology vacuum forming machine in March 99.

At International Bath, the future is brighter than ever. We’re making commitments to growth through modernization programs, expansions, and research and development. This is evident as we moved into our new manufacturing facility of over 20,000-sq. ft. in Woodstock, Ga.

International Bath is fast becoming one of the major suppliers to the plumbing wholesale industry in the United States. Our concept is unlike some companies in that we strive to sell our products to the wholesale industry and not directly to contractors or end users. We feel assured that our quality, service and price will not be equaled by our competitors. Our products are certified by UL listing # E 173650 and ULI file # 24825.

It’s that never-ending quest of excellence that has made IBC’s Bouvet Series of Whirlpools in a class by itself with prompt and efficient service and #1 in customer satisfaction. It is our faithful customers over the years that have provided the opportunity for IBC’s continued success and growth as well as expand our company with new equipment, building expansions and new products for the home..

The management and employees of International Bath Corporation say "thanks" to you the customer.